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Actuarial Science


We know exactly how the studies econometrics and actuarial sciences are organized because all our Personal Tutors are studying one of these studies and furthermore since we are very close to the VSAE. Do you think our Personal Tutors can help you out with another bachelor’s or master’s course? Pease contact our district manager Fleur Krijgsman via our contact page so that we can investigate our options together. 


First year (Bachelor)

Mathematics 1: Calculus

Macroeconomics for AE

Probability Theory and Statistics 1

Microeconomics for AEO

Mathematics 2: Linear Algebra

Finance for AE

Probability Theory and Statistics 2

Programming and Numerical Analysis

Second year (Bachelor)

Mathematics 3: Linear Algebra and Unconstrained Optimization

Life Insurance Mathematics

Probability Theory and Statistics 3

Mathematics 4: Multivariate Analysis


Econometrics 1

Mathematical Economics 1

Econometrics 2

Risk Theory

Third year (Bachelor)

Mathematical and Empirical Finance

Financial Accounting in Life Insurance

Stochastic Models in Life Insurance

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