Getting stuck on any topic can be tedious and make your motivation for a particular course or study period vanish into thin air. Our Personal Tutors  are specialized to tackle each hurdle in the right way to assure that you not only know what you should do during the exam but also to recover the intrinsic motivation to make a success story of your most challenging subjects. The high flexibility options which we offer concerning group size, location and time are what further makes our tutoring services so popular. This allows you to work one on one, in a self-created group of 3-8 persons or in any other combination that you can think of. During the free intake, we try to estimate as precise as possible how much time you and your Personal Tutor need to reach your goal. Your Personal Tutor processes your progress as a small report in Mijn FBSB after each training and your learning plan is adjusted when needed.






Most programs have several courses which pose a problem for the students. We designed the so-called 12 courses in which you can run through the entire content of a specific course according to a predetermined schedule. You can find an up-to-date overview of our 12-courses here. The classes are given in the Fiedlerzaal (Amstel 62) and are provided by our Personal Tutors, who have extensive teaching experience. A number of our Personal Tutors are even tutorial teachers in the same program. A major advantage in comparison to, for example, Large Group Tutoring, is that you do not have to compose your own group. In addition, many students like the facts that the schedule is entirely fixed, so that you are obliged to start well in advance. Because frankly, starting on time is challenging for every student.










Your thesis should be one of the most beautiful periods of your study, where you bundle all your knowledge and skills to create a masterpiece. In reality, however, this period is for some students not only beautiful but also very stressful due to either a lack of skills or because you challenged yourself just a little too much. In both cases, one of our most experienced Personal Tutors is happy to help you out. Because the writing of your thesis is a process of several weeks or even months, you benefit the most from our help by bundling it with your own idea. Doing so, our service Thesis Pro was created. Thesis Pro offers you the opportunity to ask advice from your Personal Tutor during the entire process. This means that even in the weekend you can check whether an assumption is valid or that a piece of code really does what you think that it is doing. On top of that, your Personal Tutor thoroughly runs through your entire thesis at the end of the process to then discuss all corrections and additions with you before you hand in your final version. You can also decide to only make use of the Final Check or a single consultation when you want to provide your thesis with that last boost, or when you are stuck at a specific part. Click here to sign up for one our services.