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This study association for econometrists and actuaries of the UvA is – next to her extraordinarily convivial social activites – known for her very close involvement to the (study) career of her members. FBSB is the partner making this heavy program achievable for everyone.


ALFA, the Amsterdam Law and Finance Association, is the study association linked to the Master's in Law and Finance of the UvA. FBSB is the partner that monitors whether students willing to start this program do have sufficient mathematical knowledge.


Scribbr ensures all your assignments to be perfect regarding the language. They can provide help with orthography, grammar and academic language, and, in addition,  with the structure and the common thread of your text, the referencing and the layout. As student of FBSB, you receive a 5% discount on al their services.


AIM PPLE is the study association linked to the interdisciplinary program Politics, Psychology, Law & Economics of the UVA. Attracting students from many countries can lead to significant differences in foreknowledge. They therefore refer to FBSB for tutoring and 12-courses.

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SFEER is de fiscale studievereniging van Amsterdam en omstreken. Met een considerabel ledenbestand dat, naast juridische studenten, tevens uit economische studenten bestaat is FBSB de ideale partner om studiebegeleiding op maat te bieden.

RHV Leonidas is  a hockey association from Rotterdam. With 2500 members, it is the second biggest hockey association of Rotterdam. 

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