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Fico's and Fica's

The Fibonacci courses (Ficos) and Fibonacci classes (Ficas) are two separate products. The Ficos will provide you with a new collection consisting of three vidcasts every week, in which the material of the week is explained in detail. In order to prepare you as well as possible for the exam, in addition to the Ficos, we also provide the Ficas. The Ficas consist of 2 or 3 sessions in which all the material of the course will be explained and there is sufficient time to answer all your questions. The Ficas take place in the 6th and 7th week of the block. In case that there is a midterm for the specific course, the 1st session will take place in the 3rd week.  You can purchase the Ficos and Ficas separately. To watch the Ficos, you can log in with your personal FBSB Online account. You can purchase a Fico or Fica by pressing “More Info”.

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