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Econometrics 1

Econometrics 1 appears to be an obstacle for lots of students. In order to guarantee that you can make the good start needed to be well prepared for the courses following Econometrics 1, we composed a special program that completely prepares you for your final exam within just 12 hours. You will make a start with Justin or Yves in 6 separate sessions of 2 hours as you will need to master a lot of different skills and definitions and proofs need to sink in.

It is possible to indicate your preference for either sessions in a small group of 3-5 students (€ 13,90 per hour) or a larger group of 6-8 students (€ 8,90 per hour). As a matter of course, you can expand the program below with additional sessions whenever you want. However, it is not possible to take part in just part of the program. 




There will be a weekly session of two hours in week 2 to 7 of the fourth period on

A. Tuesday from 11:00-13:00

B. Tuesday from 13:00-15:00

C. Thursday from 11:00-13:00

D. Thursday from 13:00-15:00

You can indicate it on the submission form when one of these options does not fit into your schedule. The sessions on Thursday in week 7 will take place at the time as the resit of Probability Theory and Statistics 3 does. These sessions will be rescheduled in consultation with all of you.

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