Frequenly Asked Questions


What is my FBSB?

Your Personal Tutor documents the improvement of all lessons in my FBSB. You can view all scheduled lessons in advanced in the my FBSB calendar. Afterwards, your Personal Tutor will add an extensive summary to every lesson. You can also find his/her contact details and an overview of the costs of all lessons.

I don't have a My FBSB account. How do I get one?

Creating a personal Mijn FBSB-account can always be done without any costs. Your account will be activated soon, if you have already been in contact with your district manager. If your account is not yet activated after a day it is best to contact us.

How do I pay for my lessons?

When following one of our 12-courses or if you want to utilize one of our thesis packages, you will have to pay the full amount in advance. Payment can be done in our store via Ideal or with your credit card. We ask you to (digitally) sign a SEPA-form if you choose to utilize any other form of tutoring. During the start of each month, you will receive an invoice with an overview of all the lessons that took place in the previous month and the amount that will be automatically collected. This way, you don't have to do anything.

Where do the lessons take place?

The location of the lessons depend on what kind of tutoring you are participating in. All lessons (except our 12-courses) can be flexibly scheduled in consultation with your Personal Tutor. Usually. Most common is to pick a location close to your university. The best location for a 12-course is chosen in advance. When possible this will be on the campus of your university, otherwise we will take care of a suitable classroom nearby.

When can I schedule tutoring sessions?

As soon as you have been connected to a Personal Tutor, you can schedule all lessons (except our 12-courses) to your wishes. Our Personal Tutors are all studying themselves, making them very flexible. Therefore, they can often arrange lessons during weekends or in the evening. The 12-courses are at the pre-specified times and places. It is not possible to deviate from these times.

What are the differences between Group Tutoring and 12-courses?

During our 12-courses, we fully cover the content of a course. We attempt to do this in sync with the program of your university. We therefore plan both the content and the time slots of all lessons in advance. Our regular group lessons are, in contrast, completely customizable and useful if you want to get more explanation on a specific subject with a few others.

Which subjects can FBSB help me with?

We can help you with all your questions that are related to the following subjects:

  • mathematics;

  • statistics;

  • finance;

  • macro-economics;

  • micro-economics and

  • econometrics.

Are you not sure if we can help you? Please contact us.


The deadline to sign up for the 12-course has already elapsed. Can I still sign up?

Even when the deadline to sign in has yet passed it might be possible to sign up for the (remaining) lessons. If you want so, please contact our district manager. He/she can inform you can still participate in one of the (possibly yet started) groups.

I have signed up for a 12-course. And now?

Registration is final, the moment we well received your order. That moment, you will receive an automatic confirmation email. Shortly after the deadline, you will receive an additional email with the latest important information. Your he Personal Tutor will then also create a WhatsApp group for the 12-course.

Where will the lessons take place?

Voor 12-courses kiezen we van tevoren de meest geschikte locatie. Dit zal wanneer mogelijk op je universiteit zijn en anders in een geschikte lesruimte in de buurt van de universiteit.

For 12-courses, the most suitable location is chosen in advance. This will be at your university when possible. If not, we will take care of a suitable classroom nearby.

When can I schedule lessons?

Our 12-courses take place during the time slots indicated in advance. It is not possible to deviate from these hours.

How do I pay for a 12-course?

When participating in one of our 12-courses, you will have to pay the full admount in advance. You can fulfil this payment in our webshop using iDeal or your creditcard.

Are 12-courses organised for the resits as well?

For most of the (challenging) resits, FBSB organises 12-courses as well. You can find these 12-courses among all the other 12-courses. Most of the 12-courses for resits start four weeks before the resit take place. This way, there will be enought time to tranquilly go through al theory.

What teaching materials are included in the 12-courses?

Our teaching materials differ per course. For some courses, we have videos and/or readers available.

Is it a problem to miss one of the sessions in a 12-course?

When missing a lesson, you will be having a backlog compared to the rest. It is therefore important to miss as little lessons as possible, both for yourself and for the rest. When missing a lesson, it is never possible to get a refund.

What theory will be covered during a 12-course?

During a 12-course, all theory of one your courses will be covered. Our program is as much in sync as possible with the program of your university.

How long is each session?

12-courses are organised in blocks of two or three hours.

Is there a spare list for 12-lessons that are yet fully booked?

We are counting on anyone inscribing for one of our 12-courses. As we do not want to offer you futile hope, we therefore do not make a spare list for our 12-courses. We are, however, always willing to think about alternative ways to help you.

I can inscribe for both a large and a small group at the same time. How is that possible?

FBSB always tries to keep as much students satisfied as possible. Which of the 12-courses will be organised in large or small groups therefore depends on your preferences. Unfortunately, we can not always meet all your preferences. We might therefore contact you in advance, about a change of 12-course (to other days and/or time slots) or a change in the size of your group.

Why are some of the 12-courses given in 15 hours?

For some courses, the amount of theory to discuss is simply to large to discuss everything in just 12 hours, without going through it too fast. For these courses, we therefore organise extended 12-courses. During these 12-courses, you will not cover all theory in 12, but in 15 hours. The tariffs per hour are equal to the ones for regular 12-courses.


Hoe betaal ik voor Tutoring?

Wanneer je start met Personal, Duo of Group Tutoring, vragen we je vooraf (digitaal) een SEPA-formulier te tekenen. Aan het begin van iedere maand ontvang je dan een factuur met daarop een overzicht van al je lessen van de vorige maand en het bedrag dat we zullen incasseren. Dit bedrag wordt vervolgens automatisch afgeschreven van je rekening. Zelf hoef je hiervoor dus niets te doen.

Waar worden de lessen gegeven?

Personal, Duo en Group Tutoring zijn in overleg met je Personal Tutor volledig naar wens in te plannen. Voor de hand ligt om op of in de buurt van je universiteit af te spreken.

Wanneer kan ik bijlessen inplannen?

Zodra je aan een Personal Tutor gekoppeld bent kun je al onze reguliere lessen in overleg met je Personal Tutor volledig naar wens inplannen. Onze Personal Tutors studeren allemaal zelf nog en zijn daardoor erg flexibel. Vaak kunnen ze daarom ook 's avonds of in het weekend afspreken.

Hoe lang duurt een les?

Hoe lang een les duurt hangt volledig van je voorkeur af. Gemiddeld duren lessen twee uur. Het is niet mogelijk lessen in te plannen die korter duren dan 60 minuten.

Tot wanneer kan ik een les afzeggen?

Tot 24 uur van tevoren kun je een les kosteloos afzeggen. Wanneer je later afzegt zijn we genoodzaakt de les in rekening te brengen, omdat je Tutor in zijn/haar agenda ook rekening houdt met de les.

Ik heb me ingeschreven voor een persoonlijke of groepsbegeleiding. Wat nu ?

Onze regiomanager zal snel telefonisch contact met je opnemen om te bespreken waar je tegenaan loopt en uit te leggen wat onze vervolgstappen zijn. Op basis van je probleem kiest onze regiomanager vervolgens de meest geschikte Personal Tutor. Die neemt vervolgens snel telefonisch contact op om de eerste afspraken met je in te plannen.

Hoe zit een training inhoudelijk in elkaar?

Je Personal Tutor richt de les precies in zoals jij dat wil. Wel kan je Tutor aangeven wat in zijn/haar ogen de beste manier van werken is.

Thesis tutoring

What types of questions can FBSB help me out with?

Our Personal Tutors can excellently help you with questions about:

  • (building) your models;
  • transforming your data and regressions;
  • the structure of your thesis;
  • programming
  • eventual complements.
Are you in doubt whether we can help out? Please contact our district manager.

I just need help with my data analysis/SPSS/statistics, is that possible?

It definitely is. Our Tutors are all very skillful with data analysis and can therefore help you with these questions as well.


Hoe betaal ik voor de 12-course?

Wanneer je deelneemt aan een 12-course betaal je van tevoren het gehele bedrag. In onze winkel kun je dit bedrag via iDeal of met je creditcard voldoen.

Hoe betaal ik voor reguliere lessen?

Wanneer je kiest voor een van onze reguliere vormen van begeleiding vragen we je vooraf (digitaal) een SEPA-formulier te tekenen. Aan het begin van iedere maand ontvang je dan een factuur met daarop een overzicht van al je lessen van de vorige maand en het bedrag dat we zullen incasseren. Dit bedrag wordt vervolgens automatisch afgeschreven van je rekening. Zelf hoef je hiervoor dus niets te doen.

Hoe kan ik de partnerkorting via mijn studievereniging verzilveren?

Je kunt de partnerkorting verzilveren door voor je betaalt de kortingscode in te voeren. Deze kun je vinden op (het afgeschermge deel van) de website van je studievereniging.

Is mijn studievereniging FBSB-partner?

Op de partner pagina van onze website kan je kijken welke studieverenigingen onze partners zijn.